Accessories of Galaxy Note 7 Listed by Mobile Fun

The latest news of the time is about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which would be unveiled before August this session. It is not just the smartphone that people look for they also look for the added accessories as well. Thus to make it clear for the anticipated customers list of accessories are officially announced ahead of its unveiling.

Accessories of Galaxy Note 7

Initially, it was stated that Galaxy Note 7 would come with all the same accessories as the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, and the same has been listed online by Mobile Fun. Accessories like clear view cover case, leather cover, flip wallet cover and etc.

In this same context you would find that one accessory that is in Samsung’s new Blue Coral colour for the Galaxy Note 7 has been noted. Besides, the Mobile Fun’s listings do not have any photos attached, but this would also be unveiled very soon. 

galaxy note accessories mobile fun

Now, all we can do is to wait for its official unveiling of Galaxy Note 7 as this would be made official in early August adding up the accessories as well.



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