Samsung Next Project Galaxy S8 Added With 4K VR-Ready Display

Everyone is waiting for the time that is 2nd of August 2016, when Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would be unveiled. Now, the question is what would be the next for which the customers would be waiting for? This would be non-other than the Galaxy S8, which is the next rumoured handset that would arrive in the early next year. 

Samsung 4K VR-Ready Display

Rumour suggested that Galaxy S8 smartphone is referred as the Samsung Project Dream, which would be coming up with VR-ready 4K display. Initially it was said that Samsung Galaxy S8 would feature 4K UHD screen and if this comes to be true, one would find that it would be the first consumer handset that would be added with a 4K VR display. 

In this context, Samsung has already demonstrated that the handset would have 5.5-inch of 4K display for VR experience. It is also said to have certification for Google’s Daydream VR standard, where you would be able to experience better VR experience.

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