Witness the Galaxy Note 7 Drop Test Video

Any customer who wants to buy any handset always tries to check it thoroughly online about its specifications and other aspects. They also watch videos on YouTube and check them before they decide to purchase. Now-a-days, the mostly watched video on YouTube is about the drop test of Galaxy Note 7 smartphone

samsung galaxy note 7 drop test

Almost every potential customer who wants to purchase the said smartphone would love to watch the video and check out the same in every possible manner. Keeping this in mind, an unboxing video (drop test) for Galaxy Note 7 has been showcased, where it has been shown that the handset holds up against drops that are inevitable with daily usage. 

In the Galaxy Note 7 drop test video, it has been shown that the phone has been dropped once on its back, on its side and once on its front. Since the phone is being protected with Gorilla Glass 5 it is very much tougher than its previous iteration or smartphone like Galaxy Note 4 or even other models.

In the first drop test you would find that the glass on the back gets cracked a little around the edges while the metal band gets rubbed up when the handset is dropped on its side. Evaluating the drop test, you would find that the phone can survive the crush if it is dropped from reasonable height.

No doubt Galaxy Note 7 passes the drop test, but you can even opt for Galaxy Note 4 smartphone as well, which you can get it by choosing cheapest Galaxy Note 4 contracts and buy the same at cost effective prices.


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