Galaxy Note 7 Receives Less Reparability Score

Few technical folks from iFixit had recently started exercising their work on the Galaxy Note 7 to find out something about the mentioned smartphone. Do you know what they have found out? They come up with result that the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone if gets torn it would be hard to repair. 

samsung galaxy note 7

Though the device is hard to repair, but compared to Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge it is far better. Galaxy Note 7 is not exactly easy to open because you won’t find any external screws. In order to open the back panel, you would need an adhesive heater and suction cups.

During the teardown observations it has been found that an unorthodox battery cable is being designed and this makes difficulty in replacing. Moreover, it has also been observed that due to the curved screen the repairing becomes probably impossible, because in order to replace the front glass, you cannot get into without destroying the display. Thus, Galaxy Note 7 has received a reparability score of 4 out of 10.


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