Samsung and Mercedes-Benz Introduced Digital Car Key at IFA 2016

Do you know the latest news that has come up at IFA 2016? It is about the South Korean mobile manufacturing company Samsung and Mercedes-Benz that has recently introduced a new digital car key solution at IFA 2016. The main function of this key is that it transforms Galaxy smartphones into smart keys for their owners.

Samsung and Mercedes-Benz Showcase New Digital Car Key

This digital car key solution is very much convenient as well as easy to use. You would find it reliable as well because without it you wouldn’t be able to open your car or no one else would be able to.

It is also highly secure as it is added with a tamper proof embedded secure element. In order to lock or unlock, you need to first of all setup the app provided by Mercedes-Benz and then you will be able to start the car using only their Galaxy smartphone via NFC technology.

In order to know more about the digital car key solution, check the video below.


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