Samsung Galaxy S8 Predicted For Hardware Changes

Samsung Galaxy S8 is a fundamental device widely anticipated to be in the market after the Galaxy Note 7. The phone would be the next flagship handset that would have all kind of exceptional features making the smartphone a perfect device. Report says that South Korea has predicted that the upcoming smartphone would have a huge hardware changes.

Samsung Galaxy S8 release Date

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As per the latest report it has been stated that Samsung is preparing to remove the home button from the Galaxy S8 and integrating the same into the display itself.  In addition to this, report also claim that the handset would feature a dual camera and this would make it the first handset of such kind. Though the plan is finalized but it is just to execute the same.  

It is yet to be officially confirmed by the company about this device but one can expect that the phone will be out in the market in the first quarter of 2017. So just wait for the final announcement from Samsung!



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