Samsung Boosting Production of Galaxy S7

The most shocking news of the time is that the South Korean mobile manufacturing company Samsung has announced that it will stop designing Galaxy Note 7. The reason is due to the loss in sales that is around $17 billion. But the next step that the company has taken is very interesting as it has started the production of Galaxy S7 so as to cover the state of loss against Galaxy Note 7.

samsung galaxy s7 black

The Galaxy S7 Smartphone has undoubtedly contributed a record-breaking third quarter sales and it is also being backed by Galaxy S7 edge as well. In this context, the firm has already notified about the increase in production and to boom the market in this holiday season.

Since, the Galaxy S8 mobile phone is due next, but it is believed that the customers would easily love to pick the flagship handsets once again. If you are also planning for the same then you can easily check the cheapest S7 contracts and S7 Edge contract deals so as to purchase the handsets are cost effective prices.


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