Samsung Endorses Blue Coral Galaxy S7 Edge to be Launched on November 5

blue coral samsung galaxy s7 edge smartphone

After the negative news of Galaxy Note 7 in the market, the South Korean tech giant has now put all its attention on the Samsung Galaxy S7 as well as Galaxy S7 Edge. The firm has put all its focus on these flagship smartphones until Galaxy S8 arrives in the market. The latest news in this regard is that the company is bringing up the blue colour of the Galaxy S7 Edge in Singapore. It has been officially announced the new shade of the mentioned smartphone would be launching on November 5 so you can buy it easily.

To authenticate this news, Samsung didn’t publish any photos related to the device. But it is judged that the colour of the handset would look alike the blue version of the Note 7. It is just hopped that this time the company does not fall into any disruption this time but makes a clear move to create better image in the minds of the customers.

So, be prepared to buy the upcoming blue colour of Galaxy S7 Edge, which will definitely bring an edge from its other sibling i.e. Galaxy S7.

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