Palm Rejection Issues Found in the Screen of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

One of the latest smartphone of the time is Galaxy S7 Edge, which is arguably regarded as the beautiful smartphone of the time. The mobile phone has been designed with curved display that would enhance the beauty of the smartphone. Though the phone is best in its kind, but an issue has been explained about the palm rejection. As the display is thin, you can find it to uneasy to hold it properly without your palm or fingers touching. 


The users who have used the mobile phone found that the display on the Galaxy S7 Edge is causing unintentional touches. The problem has been evoked and experienced while using the onscreen keyboard as well as the camera app. The reason has been found to be due to improper functioning of the palm or due to the finger rejection mechanism. Now, people have found that Galaxy S7 is to be quite better than that in successor.

Looking at the issue, Samsung has currently released an “urgent software update” for the Edge screen. It has been found that some users have received the update are still getting affected by the issue. But, it has been found that the issue would get resolved soon. One solution has been found that if you are holding the mobile wrong than you can find the accidental touches or app launches. 


Now, the issue would be resolved soon, which would allow you to compare the cheapest Galaxy S7 Edge Pay Monthly only and buy the same at affordable prices.


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