Factors Making S7 and S7 Edge Most Extraordinary Smartphones of the Time

Samsung has recently introduced its two new smartphone under the Galaxy range and these are Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Adding ergonomic and refine design and ground breaking features, these handsets easily meets the mobile lifestyle. The gadgets have high quality camera, latest software functionality and even high powered performance that makes it the most anticipated device of the time. Since both the phones are best in all the aspect, you can check for the cheapest Galaxy S7 pay monthly contracts and purchase the mobile phone at affordable prices. There are many factors that make the handsets mostly appreciable and these are mentioned below:


New Camera Capability: With both handsets, you can experience the better camera capability.  No matter where you are and in which location, you can make use of the camera in order to click images or even record videos as well. The devices are added with dual pixel technology, which means that you can capture high quality images even in low light condition. 


Ergonomic Design: The handsets are being designed with perfection and these are being manufactured with a blend of glass and metal material. The models are also designed in such a manner that it provides better grip so that it naturally fits in your hand. 


Dust & Water Resistant Feature: Both the handsets are upgraded with IP68 and this makes the handset water and dust resistant. 


Smoother Graphics: Added with optimized hardware as well as enhanced UX will allow you to experience longer playing time as it has smoother graphics. Thus, it makes the Galaxy smartphones the most demanding mobile gamer. 


Simple User Interface: As the handsets have been added with latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system, you can find features simple user interfaces like customizable lock, beautiful icons and even user-friendly operations. 

Thus, these are few factors that would make Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge the most anticipated and the extraordinary handsets of the time. 


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