Samsung Shipped 10 Million Galaxy S7 Units in March

The latest report that has been studied is about the Galaxy S7, where it has been read that in the month of March, Samsung has shipped about 10 millions of Galaxy S7 in the market. The mobile phone due to its exceptional specifications has been widely accepted by the customers worldwide and thus it has outnumbered the sales point. 

Samsung Galaxy S7

It has been reported that the South Korean giant has sipped nearly 10 million S7 smartphones. In this context, the analysts have marked that the same device would count around 7 million of sales, but this time the count has exceeded to its apex and its continuing.

The galaxy S7 has its perspective to come up with more sales and this due to the demand. Being the most prominent and premium model, the phone has all the respective features that made it louder in the minds of the customers.     

The phone has also marked its grace in terms of pre-orders as well, which is much more than what was expected. The mentioned smartphone has also been acted to earn more profit as it is widely ordered by the patrons and this made the company to bring up the model at its best to serve the need of the customers.

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Source: CNBC


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