Galaxy S7 Updated With Native Sharing Option

The latest report says that Samsung has rolled out software update for the most appreciated smartphones of the time that is Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. The update has added various bug fixes as well as performance improvement also. In addition to this, a bunch of different useful features are also being added to these latest flagship smartphones. 


Namely, one such feature is added in the gallery app that would allow you to share a Motion Photo as a video. The phones are best in the world and thus you can also experience the feature that is being updated by just purchasing the same. You can select Galaxy S7 contracts and choose the lucrative deal that you prefer.

The added feature is like after you capture a Motion Photo, you can now easily share the same with your friends and family. The video that you have captured is just set in the Gallery, all you need to do is to just click on the share button under any Motion Photo and you can share it to your friends and families. There is another option, where you would have the choice to share the file as still image or a video file. 

You will have the option to share the video at Instagram, Facebook, Gmail and even in WhatsApp. This is the best option, where you can easily share the files, without even taking the help of the third party. So, now just capture the videos and share it to your near and dear ones through this motion photo sharing feature.

Sourec : SamMobile


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