Rumour - Galaxy Note 6 Lite Cheaper Variant Of Samsung Flagship Smartphone

The latest news of the time is that Samsung is ready to unveil its next flagship phablet that is Galaxy Note 6 in a few months. This is just a rumour but we have found and have even studied various leaks about the mentioned device. The latest leak or the news that has been studied about the flagship smartphone is that it would be the cheaper variant of the Galaxy Note 6. People can also compare Galaxy Note 4 deals and can even opt for this smartphone and operate it as well.

samsung galaxy note 6

Another rumour of the time is that Galaxy Note 6 “Lite,” might come with slightly different specifications than the existing one but it is stated that it would be more affordable. It has been leaked that Lite variant of Galaxy Note 6 would be powered with Snapdragon 820 that would also be coupled with 4GB of RAM. 

It is also rumoured that in order to decrease the price, the phone has been powered with Quad HD, which is rumoured to be a 5.8-inch. In addition to this, you would also find that all other specifications would remain the same. 

It is just a rumour and in order to make it actually report, you need to wait for Samsung to officially announce it. 


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