Leaked Images of Galaxy S7 Active Exhibited

You might have studied about the confirmation of the existence of the Galaxy S7 Active. Making this confirmation more authentic, today the leaked images of the said smartphone is also being added. The leaked image of the smartphone would deliver the first proper look. The phone might be somewhat alike its sibling, which means that it would be like the Galaxy S7. Now, if you find it to be similar to its initial member, then you can select for Galaxy S7 monthly deals and purchase the same at cost effective prices. 

samsung galaxy s7 active

Looking at the leaked image of the Galaxy S7 smartphone you would find that Samsung has adopted similar design Galaxy S7 Active. The phone has been studied to have the combination of polycarbonate and rubber, where the corner is padded with a rubber buffer.

The design also states that the glass covering camera module has been replaced with the soft-touch capacitive buttons. The phone has retained the IP68 certification making it water proof and dust proof. It is also added with Military Standard strengthening technology, which will ensure to have the adequate protection against vibration, shocks and rain.

So, wait for the actual revealing of the phone so that you can order it!


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