Step-By-Step Tutorial Video About Gear 360

With the unveiling of the Galaxy S7 as well as the S7 edge, Samsung has also introduced first consumer-grade 360-degree camera, which is known as the Gear 360. The mentioned gadget comes with dual 15-megapixel camera and the sensors with 180-degree fisheye lenses. This feature would work in tandem with each other and would shoot 360-degree in terms of both still pictures as well as videos. 

samsung galaxy gear 360

If you find the device to be very difficult to use, you can check what Samsung has released about the same. The firm has provided step-by-step tutorial for the users who would be able to understand what is the usage of Gear 360 device.

You can download Samsung Gear 360 Manager application from the Galaxy Apps store and you can also learn about the same. After you get connected to the application and add it to your Galaxy device, you would be easily click 360 degree images and videos by just using the dedicated button. You can also shoot 180-degree images as well as videos by using either of the cameras.

samsung gear 360

After you capture the 360-degree memories, you can view the same on a mobile by using the Gear 360 Action Director application


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