UK Finally Gets Android Pay Supporting MasterCard, Debit Card and Visa Credit Card

The latest news that has been kicked off is about the Google products as well as the services. One of its newly introduced apps is Android Pay, which has been brought for the users in the United Kingdom. Keeping in mind about the craze of the said application, Google has also reported to announce the next phase of Android Pay and the availability would be at I/O. The same essence can be seen that in all the latest handsets of Samsung like Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge and etc. where you would also find Samsung Pay as well.

android pay app

For the most anticipated users/customers in UK, today Google would flip the switch on Android Pay, where they can use it. This would also act as a supporter of MasterCard and Visa credit cards, and even debit card. To make the same known to the common mass, Google would follow up on a teaser that would announcement a tweet, where the users would be invited to download the Android Pay app and noting, that is Now available in the UK.

If you are an Android user in the UK, you would find yourself very luck in getting Android Pay going today. Make use of it where needed!


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