Specifications of Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Revealed

From the last few weeks, the South Korean tech giant has been completely working on the upcoming smartphone that is Galaxy S7 Active. This special rugged edition of the Galaxy phone initially has been revealed with leaked images, where it has been shown about the outer design combined of polycarbonate and rubber. The next leak was about the colours that the handset would be available in Green and Gaudy Desert Camo. Now, the latest leak is all about the specifications of the smartphones, where about the display, battery and many others have been explained.

samsung galaxy s7 active 

Since the past few months, the handset has become an open secret and now everyone is waiting for its official confirmation. The subsequent leaks of the smartphone has risen the expecting of the handset to a great extent. Talking about the leaked specifications, first the display, where the Galaxy S7 Active has been stated to come up with 5.1-inch screen that would have the resolution of 2560x1440-pixel. The display would be quad HD, which is just like the Galaxy S7. 

In addition to this, the handset also measures a hefty of 9.9mm thickness and would be weighting around 185 grams. The nest leaked specification is the battery, where the Galaxy S7 Active would be boosted with 4,000mAh power pack. It would have the 4GB of RAM, Snapdragon 820 Chipset SoC, and even 12MP and 5MP as primary and secondary camera.

Since, the phone is still now officially announced you can go for its predecessor and select the best deals on Galaxy S7 as per your convenience.


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