A Rumour - Galaxy Note 7 On the Way Following Samsung Galaxy Note 5

People who are waiting for Galaxy Note 6 would be shocked to hear that a rumour has evoked where it has been said that after Galaxy Note 5, it would be Galaxy Note 7 on the queue. As per the reliable source, it has been studied that the next generation Note would be Galaxy Note 7, which was supposed to be Note 6. This might be because of number “7”, what you have seen in terms of Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge

samsung galaxy note 7

Such skipping of number has been found to be for the first time. Beside this, it has also been rumoured that the next Galaxy Note would have an ergonomic design. The upcoming handset from Samsung is studied to have dual-curved edges that would be something difference.
Taking about the release date of the Galaxy Note 7 Edge, it has been studied that Samsung might unveil the device either before or in the mid of August. So, until the actual news comes about the handset, have patience and wait for the next Samsung report. But till then, you can also have your hands on Galaxy Note 4 contract deals and purchase the same at cost effective prices.



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