Process Explaining The Condensed Mode Fits The Galaxy S7 Screen

Recently, you have studied that Samsung has already rolled out a firmware update for the smartphones like Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. The firmware update was explained in bringing up the support for display scaling. This update would allow you to have the better functionality and even have the source to adjust the size of fonts of the data in the screen. 

Samsung Galaxy S7 DPI Scaling

The update will allow you to have the entire user interface, which will be scaled to fit your device. Now, talking about the condensed mode that would fit the Galaxy S7 screen is that the update would allow you to have the benefit from fitting enhanced content on your display and will allow you to view it extensively clearly.

Process to use the condensed mode:

samsung galaxy s7 update display scaling feature

Firsts of all you need to navigate into Settings and then tap on Display Settings and then finally hit the heading entitled “Condensed“. This will allow you to count into the condensed mode making you to view everything fit in the screen


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