Galaxy Note 7 edge Rumoured To Be Next Flagship Variant Of Samsung

The latest news of the time is that whether the next flagship of Samsung would be phablet that is Galaxy Note 6. But the former news has stated that the Korean tech giant might skip a number in terms of unveiling the latest phablet and this might be Galaxy Note 7. Now, the latest news (rumour) that has evoked is about the edge variant of the next Galaxy Note flagship. The same news was also studied where it was said that Galaxy Note 7 will follow Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

samsung galaxy note 7 edge

It has been stated that the model number of the Galaxy Note 7 Edge might be SM-N930as this has been tracked to be the next Galaxy Note phablet model.Though this news is just explained to be speculation and until Samsung makes it official you need to wait for it.

samsung galaxy note 7 edge

The news made the customers more anticipated as they are now eager to know, what would be the next flagship smartphone (phablet) that would be introduced by Samsung. No matter be it Galaxy Note 7 or Note 7 Edge, any model would be best in terms of all the attributes.


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