Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Blueprints Leaked

You might have studied about lot of gossip regarding the next flagship handset of Samsung and the same would continue until the firm officially announces it. Now, the latest news has been studied about the alleged blueprints that have been leaked about the Galaxy Note 6

samsung galaxy note 6 blue prints

The leak reveals that the handset would have the familiar design and a similar kind of look like the Galaxy S7 Edge. The upcoming handset would be the big brother of Galaxy Note 4, which has presented its edge in terms of high end smartphone. If needed, you can also purchase the device by selecting Galaxy Note 4 contract deals.  

Talking about the blueprint that has been leaked online, you would find that Galaxy Note 6 would have a USB-C port in place of the regular USB port. The handset has the S Pen option that retained its aperture at the bottom right-hand corner. There are many other specifications that have been leaked but that has not been finalized yet. 

So, the speculation at this point of time is just a rumour and nothing has been officially confirmed. Thus, we need to wait for the actual announcement when Samsung is expected to introduce the new handset by early August.



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