Beta Program Introduced For New Note UX Adding New User Interface

The latest news of the time is about the introduction of beta program for the New Note UX. The same has been launched for the users that are based in Korea and China. The users can now test the beta program for the Android based operating system and experience the new user interface. 

Beta Program Introduced For New Note UX

It has been explained that the mentioned user interface will not just be limited to the Note line-up of handsets, but on the contrary, the same would also be arriving on the Samsung S7 as well as the Galaxy S6 smartphone. It has been studied that the beta program is very much expected to run for a couple of months so that they gain the exact notion about the user interface before it gets released in the month of August this year for all eligible smartphone.

Galaxy Beta Programe

The User interface would look more modern and clean in comparison to the earlier slot. It has been added with updated application icons and colours, which will allow you to experience better operation. 

The company has planned to roll out the Galaxy Beta Program across the globe, but the same has not been announced till. For now, the beta program will appear only for the users that are based in Korea and China. 



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