Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Edition To Go On Sale in South Korea On June 13

In the earliest news it has been stated that the limited Edition of Galaxy S7 Edge would arrive soon and the same has been confirmed. Recently, it has been stated that in in South Korea Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Edition is going to be on sale. Those who are interested can opt to buy the same starting from June 13. 

samsung galaxy s7 edge injustice edition

It has also been studied that the South Korean tech giant is going to sell the mentioned limited edition handset via online store. The price of the injustice edition of Galaxy S7 Edge is set to be as 1.199 million won ($1,035). 

Report also says that the mentioned the limited edition version of this handset is only to be sold in a few markets. To make it more clear, in the box, the items would be a gold-colored Batarang, special gear VR headset, injustice edition back cover and the limited edition handset. You would receive a voucher regarding the VR content as well.

As per the report, the company would be selling around 1,000 units of this handset. It has also been stated that the first 30 customers would be getting a Batman Injustice edition figure as well. You can even check the cheapest Galaxy S7 Edge Monthly Contracts and buy the same mobile phone at cost effective prices.


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