Galaxy Note 7 Teaser Explains About The Smartphone

The latest news of the day is about the next Galaxy smartphone that would bear the number as 7 instead of 6, and the device would be Galaxy Note 7. There is also a question regarding the same as the common masses are a bit confused regarding the next unveiling as to be either Galaxy Note 7 or Galaxy Note 7 edge. But there is also a bit of scepticism towards it as it is still not confirmed. The phone will be unveiled the first week of August as report says.

samsung galaxy note 7

In the same context, it has also been stated that a new leak has exhibited about the next Galaxy device and that to be the Galaxy Note 7 edge. Where everything has to be confirmed by Samsung, it is the Galaxy Note 7 edge that would perfectly feature a 5.8-inch screen added with curved Slim RGB AMOLED display. The display would be Quad HD and the screen resolution would be 1440 pixels. 

It would also be added with a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 823 SoC processor added with 6GB of LPDDR4 RAM. Beside this, the model would have 4,000mAh battery making it louder for the users to operate it for longer period of time. It will also have USB Type-C charging and the phone will also be powered with IP68 certification making it water and dust resistance. 

It is yet to be revealed, till then you can opt for Galaxy Note 4 Contracts as enjoy operating the handset.


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