Galaxy S7 Used In Workplace To Cater Needs Of Customer

The latest phone of the time is Galaxy S7, which is the creation of Samsung. Taking the same device in the role, it has been recently studied that the phone has being used in order to cater the needs of the patrons.

samsung galaxy s7

In the same concern, Galaxy S7 handset has been taken to its official Business USA Twitter account, where Samsung has posted to share a short 13-second video. The video highlights and exhibits how Levi Lohrman, a Solutions Consultant at the Continental Automotive Group, uses the Galaxy S7 in the workplace. It has also been shown that how the device has been utilized exhibiting the productive as possible so as to cater the needs of the customer.

The complete video exhibits how Lohrman walks around a workshop and then pulling out the Galaxy S7 and then scaning a barcode that’s mounted next to a car. The next scene shows a flurry of details that appears on the screen, adding the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

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