Security Loops and Camera Fixes of Galaxy S7 Updated

The South Korean tech giant has recently rolled out a new software update and the same update has been brought to you for the smartphones like Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 edge. The improvement that has been added by Samsung can be experienced in the multiple regions across the globe. 

galaxy s7 update security patch

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It is studied that the update would first come from the United Kingdom. Here you would find that several camera fixes has been done and even the update for the device for the June security patch has been completed. 

The news is all about the camera improvements that would include fixes to the issues like initial video playback flickered after recording and other intermittent issues. The next issue that has been resolved is about the camera where the user could not open the lock screen on devices with the help of S View option.

As per the report, it has been found that the update is only about 329MB in Europe region, but in other regions, the update is only around 73MB.Just make the update and install it as soon as it becomes available in your region and enjoy the same feature with ease.


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