Samsung Adds Danny Glover In Its Latest Commercial of Galaxy S7 Edge

In order to make people understand about the wireless charging of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, the South Korean tech giant has made an impressive commercial. The commercial is a celebrity-filled commercial, where the flagship handset features Danny Glover of Lethal Weapon fame. The advertisement duly focuses on the major feature of Galaxy S7 edge that is the fast wireless charging.

Danny Glover In Its Latest Commercial of Galaxy S7 Edge

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The commercial exhibits the first half by stating about the importance and usage of time and in the second half it asks if time is the most valuable thing. In this context, the commercial shows why to waste more time in charging our phone, when you have wireless charging facility. 

In the final shot it has been exhibited that Cue Glover jumps and runs from a food truck as a bomb counts down that explaining us to buy the Galaxy S7 edge ad use its wireless charging.

The phone has many other facilities and features that you can use and operate as well. 


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