Galaxy Note 7 Designed With Dual-Edge Curved Shape

Recently a poster has been leaked and this has put everyone in dilemma as if this device would be Edge, non-edge, or would be both. The initial news was about the South Korean tech giant which is planning to create a flat Galaxy Note 7 alongside with Galaxy Note 7 edge. This has been indicated that a flat Galaxy Note 7 is to be unveiled soon and it would be designed with dual edge curved shape. 

Galaxy Note 7 Edge Dual Edge

The news has also revealed that Samsung is not in the plan to launch a flat screen version of the Note phone and thus time it would be a curved edge design. This is because the company is aiming to earn more for profit instead of market-share.

The news screenshots as well as the poster that has been revealed seems that the device would roll off the edge and the next Galaxy would be the best ever work of Samsung. As per the latest report this has been studied that Samsung would start mass production in July and will announce the Galaxy Note 7 on August 2, 2016. 

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