Galaxy Note 7 Designed with OLED Display

Everyone knows that Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge has been perfectly launched using the gorgeous AMOLED displays. Looking at the same success, Samsung has planned to introduce the same concept in Galaxy Note 7. Report says that Samsung will introduce the upcoming handset with OLED display. The company does not stick to Quad HD panel (1440p), but for the next Galaxy handset, it has been confirmed. People however have also opted to select Galaxy Note 4 best deals as this handset is also best in its kind. 

galaxy note 7 oled display

Samsung is regarded as the world’s largest OLED display manufacturer and the same would appear in products that you buy. Looking at the fame and the projection of Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, it is the Galaxy Note 7 that is now following in the footsteps to being up the same in it. People will love to use the same display and the reason is not just because of the display material but it is due to the new dual-edge curved design. 

Now, since the model will have the OLED display, all you need to have is to wait for the right time to purchase it as soon as it get unveiled.



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