Samsung to Add Multi-Camera Iris System IN Upcoming Handset

You have been studying for a long time and this also has been rumoured that the South Korean tech giant is planning to handset that will have iris recognition in its mobile devices. In this concern it is more or less confirmed that the upcoming Galaxy Note 7 will have an iris scanner added to it. Samsung was working on this biometric technology and the new patent has been filed by the company that will be added in the multi-camera iris recognition system.

iris scanner

It is also been rumoured that Galaxy Note 7 will have OLED display and it will also be designed with dual-edge curved shape. The iris technology would help in generating an image signal thus by capturing the images of the face and eyes. 

In this concern, even though the Galaxy Note 7 is reported to have the feature this technology but the patent has also mentioned that the iris scanning system would also be used in a laptop computer. It can also be added in a wearable computer as well.

Planning to buy the handset? Wait for its unveiling!



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